Mexico wins at robots in Shanghai

By Allan Povah.

Mexican teams dominated the primary school category of the World Educational Robotics (WER) contest held in Shanghai, China, last weekend, taking the top three spots.

The winning team, competing under the name Warriors, was made up of sixth-grade students Ricardo Gael González Zamudio, Rafael Lua Oliver and Mariana Torrija Arturo and mentored by technology teacher Grace Irela Zamudio. Their robot, Vicente Fox, dominated the seek-and-destroy and public speaking sections, and that was enough to take out the main prize.

The North Queensland entry from Mother of Good Counsel in Cairns finished a disappointing forty-ninth out of fifty teams, in front of only the Pyongyang Patriotic School whose steam-powered robot, Ko, failed to boil.

The MGC robot, Hoppy, started poorly in the Turing section by being unable to describe himself as an abstract painting. Hoppy then leaked coolant all over his mono-kini in the swimwear section. Finally, he embarrassed himself by starting a fight with the Croatian robot over some offensive and ribald comments delivered over blue-tooth.

MGC coach, Allison Beck, was philosophical about the result. “It was a great experience for the kids, and for Hoppy,” she told the Plain Dealer from her hotel in Suzhou. “We’ve had the chance to mix with some smarter kids and steal some ideas. All is not lost. We plan to obliterate Hoppy. Then we will destroy him. Then we will rebuild him. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.”

The 2019 installment of the WER contest will again be in Shanghai. The North Queensland finals will be held in Tully next October.

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