KarMeg leg into Keg, then gone-ski in Sikorsky

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

Australian celebrity gentleman, Karl Stefanovic, has again been seen canoodling with American-British princess, Meghan Markle, this time at the Reuben Hills Cafe in Sydney.

According to an unnamed but swarthy barista, the couple indulged in twin Irish venti mocha decaf frappuccinos and declined the offer of complimentary Lotus biscoffs. The barista confirmed that, on their departure, a tip was left on their table but that it was “shrapnel” and “mostly silver.”

KarMeg were then seen hurriedly entering the Keg and Brew Hotel to escape the gathering crowd. They were later picked up from the roof of the hotel by a maroon Sikorsky helicopter (above).

This latest sighting adds to rumours that Stefanovic’s brief marriage to footwear artiste, Jasmine Yarbrough, may be on the rocks.

It also adds tension to the simmering relationship between Princess Markle and Viscountess Kate Middleton, as Middleton had a short but torrid affair with Stefanovic in the green room at Channel Nine’s Willoughby studios in 2007.

Whilst the affair ended amicably, royal observers have often speculated that Middleton has maintained a certain tendresse towards the increasingly portly newsman, and that had circumstances been a little different, she could have been Karl’s primary mistress.

Meanwhile, in a kind of “Portmanteau Ashes”, celebrity pundits in the UK and Australia are in a pitched battle as to what will be the nickname for the new power couple.

British royalists prefer the traditional Stefarkle, whereas the Australian media are using KarMeg for its utility in the inspiration, design and construction of rhyming headlines.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Buckingham Palace was contacted by the Plain Dealer in relation to this story but declined to answer our tweets. Richard Wilkins was also unavailable for comment.

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