WBU release influencer’s feud-guide

By Shirley Higgins-Croft

The William Bligh University Department of Comportment has released a graphical guide to current relationships amongst social media influencers.

This initiative is aimed at keeping students informed on the status of feuds between high-profile twitterati and insta-tubers to assist them in their studies.

“This kind of information is essential to all students, especially the freshers,” explained Dr Kellyanne Brody, Emeritus Professor at WBU. “The kids are already so confused with all the sex and pills and drones flying around that it’s really hard to get them to focus on the delicate KimKay – TayTay situation, not to mention the Kanye – JayZ Entente. These concepts are cropping up in most of their classes so they need to be on top of them.”

Second-year Finance student, Tahliah Swann, 19, of Mooroobool is enthusiastic about the initiative. “Like, my economics 101 classes last year were all about, like, Keynes and that,” she said. “And also the Caitlyn Jenner falling-out with her step-daughters. Like, amazing ripple effects in, like, economic terms. Sad too. Would’ve loved a feud-guide to help me keep things, like, straight.”

According to Dr Brody, the feud-guide will be available online and would be updated regularly given that “”Khloe is constantly squashing feuds and they can tend to spark up again, especially when Kanye is involved.”

Brody confirmed that university officials were considering expanding the guide to include Cardi B and other dog-walkers but that inclusion of Nicky Minaj was problematic.

“That would be a massive undertaking,” said Dr Brody. “We’re still discussing the educational benefits. The social sciences departments are lukewarm, whereas the Faculty of Law are red hot for it. Loads of precedent. We also have to consider that, with the Nicky-Mariah nexus, the complexity becomes exponential and the IT guys tell me it would require a complete redesign of the back-end.”

WBU students can expect to receive details of the feud guide along with their own personal gonks and flavoured condoms in O-Week.

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