Popup pharmacy a big hit

By Allan Povah

Rudi Samanchara, assistant manager at the Chemist Warehouse in the City was overjoyed with the turnout to their popup pharmacy on Grafton Street for Chinese New Year celebrations.

“We are so happy with the success of the venture, and by the way, Gōngxǐ fācái everyone!” said Ms Samanchara. “The baby-food was all gone by the zhong wu, and we’d brought in several pallets of Swisse Rhino Horn 200mg and that was all gone before they snapped the head onto the dragon dance.”

Josh Brendixsen, a pharmacist at the Smithfield Amcal had a different experience of the festival.

“We’re in a bit of a Chinese pharma shadow here in Smithfield,” he explained. “They tend to stay up at Trinity or bumble into the city. As a result we’ve got lots of Rhino Horn left, and a ton of Crouching Tiger Hidden Bóqǐ Cialis 500mg. Biboohra Bhang is on special too. Come in for a great deal.”

The Chinese New Year celebration was a huge success in Cairns, with over two hundred thousand people attending the street market, fireworks and cultural display. According to council insiders, the event is expected to be even bigger and better next year, especially if the annexation of Taiwan goes as planned.

To all the readers of the Plain Dealer, we wish you a prosperous year of the Pig!

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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