Suspected Banksy artwork subject to Pest Control in Trinity Beach

By Murray Murchison

Trinity Beach locals are in a buzz over the possibility that graffiti artist and activist, Banksy, has created one of his trademark artworks (above) on the Red Cross sign located near the skate-park on Trinity Beach Road.

The striking white inscription was first noticed and reported by council worker, Shane Hestermann, who was spraying for electric ants nearby. He has been interviewed by police and has confirmed that, to his knowledge, there was no intentional treatment of the sign itself, though it may have received some “slight spattering”. A 24 hour guard has been set up nearby at the Trinity Kebab Shop until the work can be authenticated.

Secretary of the Trinity Beach Chamber of Commerce, Lou-Ann Durieux is thrilled by the attention.

“There’s been a real buzz around TB,” Ms Durieux said over lunch at the Blue Moon Bar and Grill. “Everyone is pretty excited. This has really put us on the map. We’ve already sent the coordinates to Siri and Cortana. I’m sure they’ll let Alexa know.”

Banksy’s verification service, Pest Control, have been contacted and are expected to travel to North Queensland to verify the artwork after the wet season is over.

Out of respect for the venerable epigramist, the iconic outdoor blackboard at Lunico’s (above) has been left blank by the artist-in-residence. This has not occurred since the Charlie Hebdo atrocity.

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