iShow the bridesmaid again

By Destiny Givens

After a disappointing night at the Allan Border Medal, in which he failed to take home a single award, Ben Dunk, the Innisfail Show, has again faced up to the out-swing of disappointment with his Melbourne Stars losing to the Renegades in the BBL final.

Dunk’s performance with the bat, scoring the only half-century before his hopeless team-mates meekly handed the opposition a hollow victory is redolent of the iShow’s experiences as a cricket mercenary around the world.

In the IPL, he was twice on the losing side in finals when playing for the Cochin Royal Palm Riders, scoring centuries in both matches. Late last year, when turning out for the Riyadh Dronestrikers in the Levant Super League final against the Medina Taqiyya Armsdealers, the ‘Innisfail Cricketer of the Century’ scored 150 off only 30 balls in a total of 153, and then took three hat-tricks with the ball, only to see his team lose with an over to spare.

This is the life of an individual champion in a team sport. Dunk will shortly be packing his bags, and growing his moustache, for another stint in the IPL, again playing for the Darjeeling Super Chai Princes. BetTolga has the Princes at even money to take home the title.

Remember, always gamble responsibly.

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