Ooshies used in education program

By Kimberley Schloss.

The Far North Queensland Sex Education Project (FNQSEXEDPRO), a not-for-profit association aiming to improve awareness of appropriate sexual behavior and techniques among teenagers and other teen-curious youngsters, has announced a new interactive education program.

According to FNQSEXEDPRO’s mission statement, their aim to “make teens aware of what is right, what is wrong, and what is simply sensational” as they enter the stage of life where they begin to explore their bodies, and the bodies of others.

FNQSEXEDPRO’s CEO, Miranda Hernandez-Holt, is passionate about the work being done. “In order to reduce occurrences of anxiety, humiliation, surprise and disappointment we need to provide young people with the information they need to understand and contextualise their desires and experiences,” she explained from the association’s head office in Bentley Park. “Information is the key to liberation.”

Whilst the association primarily deliver their message in group sessions at high-schools and colleges, their new program is a series of videos showing a range of sexual and asexual ideas, experiences and outcomes. The videos have made use of ooshies, a popular range of supermarket collectables, as a mechanism for demonstrating some of the more practical elements.

Mrs Hernandez-Holt explained: “Some of these young people don’t know the first thing about a sexual experience. Some can’t even find their ding-a-ling. and we find that the use of ooshies provides a familiar and calming framework for our message. So we can show the Little Mermaid and Ariel (above) engaging in some joyful but ethical pugnus intraveritis. What could be more beautiful?. And conveniently, they glow in the dark – perfect for experimentation under the covers.”

The FNQSEXEDPRO’s CEO went on to say that the content was meant to be free and accessible. “We’re putting it up on PornHub so it will be easy to find,” she explained.

The series of ten videos is to be released next week and will be subject to a blanket advertising campaign on CrocFM and WIN Television.

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