Digger crowned ‘King of Dogs’

By Allan Povah.

The first dog, Digger Digmore Barkington-Smythe has been crowned King Of Dogs by the Cairns Pets association. He has been granted ‘freedom of the CowHouse’ and rewarded with a pallet of schmackos, tastefully baked by Ethan Lowe.

King Digger has undergone some snout-lightening and fur coloration since his image last graced the pages of the Plain Dealer, but he remains loved by all North Queenslanders and definitely is the same dog he was when he was a pup.

Though it is a honorific title, the coronation does confer King Digger with a range of powers, including unimpeded bum-sniffing and executions. It is thought by palace watchers that Jorge, the BrickHouse jaguar and serial bully, should consider getting his affairs in order.

In a briefing given by BrickHouse press secretary, Seamus Pepper, King Digger will don his sapphire-, ruby- and topaz-encrusted crown in public for the first time at the Miss Doggie Cardwell pageant next month.

Published by murraymurchison

Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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