Vintage Wine Sells at Auction

By Kimberley Schloss.

A vintage wine has gone under the hammer at the Quaid Auctioneers in Lake Street and fetched a record price of 4 million Rupiah.

The auction catalogue noted that the collectable 1996 Merlot was made from fruit sourced from hardy vines of the eastern Barossa and carefully and sustainably picked by the most skillful British backpackers. Following crushing using the supple feet of female Swedish backpackers, it was aged in genuine oak barrels, after which the slurry was shovelled out by Bulgarian backpackers, cut with Rawson’s Retreat and lovingly bottled using traditional bucket, funnel and panty-hose techniques.

Finally, a Pat Purcell label was slapped onto the bottle for his distribution, in kind for services rendered, to constituents and connections. Only forty bottles were produced, almost all of which were consumed at the St Peters and Pauls trivia night in 1997. Only three bottles are known to remain undrunk.

The unusual provenance of the wine, and its rarity, created a lot of interest for both connoisseurs and high net-worth individuals. It was unsurprising to see some spirited bidding. The unnamed buyer was seen departing the auction-house in a Bell Jetranger helicopter.

Other items to go under the hammer were a 2004 Marie Antoinette Barbie Doll (NRFB) and a rare 2019 three legged Woody ooshie. Both were acquired by the Mr Dean Verstergaard of Woree.

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