May 2019 Classifieds

Wanted Looking for travel buddy to go to North Korea and Yemen with BLT in October. Must be up for anything, even gaejang-guk and extradition. Prefer busty Swedish type. Full disclosure: I can get a bit handsy on a bellyful of Pyongyang Pilsner. No offence taken tho. @wayne_jones Wanted: Large mockup of Eiffel Tower. WillContinue reading “May 2019 Classifieds”

Blither injured in bingle

By Allan Povah. A Japanese blither has been injured in a collision on McLeod Street this afternoon when she was impacted by a late-model midnight-charcoal Nissan hatchback. The driver of the car was uninjured, but her Samsung Galaxy A51 succumbed to airbag-impact complications and was pronounced dead at the scene by Korean specialists. Police haveContinue reading “Blither injured in bingle”

Viewpoints on the Folau insta attack

By Allan Povah. Underneath the relaxed laissez-faire attitude of FNQ, a controversy is bubbling away over Israel Folau’s Instagram post (above), in which he condemned certain segments of society to eternal torment in Hell. Many, many North Queenslanders have responded strongly to the footballer’s post. Matters of faith are sometimes difficult to discuss, but weContinue reading “Viewpoints on the Folau insta attack”

Great Bridges: The Burdekin

By Murray Murchison. At the Plain Dealer, we are big fans of big bridges and little bridges. And the best bridges can be found in Far North Queensland. Over the next 12 months we will be embarking on a ‘bridging’ experience together. It will be an intimate and tender journey, with Plain Dealer journalists recountingContinue reading “Great Bridges: The Burdekin”

Elijah MakeFriends conference launches

By Murray Murchison. The Elijah Institute is an inter-faith organisation aimed at bringing people from all beliefs together to promote goodwill and the ideal of a common humanity with shared lovingness. Their mission statement “We can try wearing another persons hat” is a perfect combination of symbolism and practicality. The Institute’s annual MakeFriends conference isContinue reading “Elijah MakeFriends conference launches”

BLT Travel announces adventure tours to the world

By Destiny Givens. BLT Travel at North Cairns have always excelled at providing affordable and enjoyable travel experiences to their many loyal customers. This tradition will never change, but the types of experiences that travellers are seeking is undergoing a seismic shift. The ready accessibility of travel to virtually anywhere in the world has ledContinue reading “BLT Travel announces adventure tours to the world”

Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion

By Heather Luck. Management at the Double-Tree Hotel on the Esplanade have had to undertake a complete sanitation and remodelling of their gentlemen’s toilets due to some unfortunately worded signs (above) on the urinals throughout the building. The signs were intended to provide guidance for guests, particularly those from China, who may not be familiarContinue reading “Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion”

BTS Rock the Snake Pit

By Shirley Higgins-Croft. Hello Everyone! BTS are in town this is the story about my amazing evening on the night they played the Snake Pit. Readers will recognize that reviewing a pop concert is well outside my usual journalistic scope, which normally encompasses fashion, crime and the international zeitgeist. I hope you’ll forgive a moreContinue reading “BTS Rock the Snake Pit”