Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion

By Heather Luck.

Management at the Double-Tree Hotel on the Esplanade have had to undertake a complete sanitation and remodelling of their gentlemen’s toilets due to some unfortunately worded signs (above) on the urinals throughout the building.

The signs were intended to provide guidance for guests, particularly those from China, who may not be familiar with North Queensland bathroom technologies. Regrettably, the instructions were misinterpreted, resulting in some unhygienic outcomes.

“It seems that gentlemen often took Niào Niào the Panda’s instruction rather literally,” explained Abigail Flanagan, Assistant General Manager of the hotel. “It may have had something to do with the nuances of the translation. Anyway, the outcome was that poor old Niào Niào got completely and repeatedly soaked. And obviously, our valued guests are aiming to hit him between the eyes. We found, over time, that the constant forehead strikes resulted in his cranium being blown away.”

Management at the Double-Tree is taking the opportunity to completely rethink their bathroom decor. “Of course, Niào Niào is going into retirement, Ms Flanagan explained. “And we’re discontinuing the use of the crocodile-shaped trough-lollies. They would all go missing and it was costing us a fortune to replace them. We’re not sure if they were being taken as a souvenir or an appetizer, but management feels that installation of recyclable dichlorobenzene splash-guarding curly-collectors is required. We’re awaiting the outcome of a trial at the Hilton Shenzhen to see if there are any cultural implications, but we’re pretty excited by the possibilities.”

The hotel aims to reopen for male guests by the end of the week. Female guests are welcome at any time with hotel management promising ‘increased sanitary capacity’.

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