New winner for chocolate sculpture competition

By Kimberley Schloss.

Mrs Liz Hawkens, 54, of Ravenshoe has won the Mareeba Chocolate Sculpting competition with her outstanding effort, Tilly likes a choc schmacko (above).

Mrs Hawkins has been a perennial entrant into the competition and was a deserved winner of the 1.5 million dollar prize. She was presented with her award by Amira Malik, Adjunct Professor of Chocolate Studies at the Malanda TAFE.

Professor Malik had herself won the competition for the past two years and had been working on her masterpiece, a 2:1 scale chocolate model of the Colossus of Rhodes. Ultimately Ms Malik had to curtail her efforts due to airspace violations and, with the deadline looming, withdrew from the competition. She was subsequently invited to join the judging panel.

In presenting the award, Professor Malik was warm in her praise for the winning sculpture. “I love what Liz has done with the nose,” she gushed from the podium. “I know she won’t divulge her secrets, but I think I can smell Lindt – with perhaps a hint of chokito. And the testicles are a work of art. They stand out like a pair of clickers mounted on a pollywaffle.”

Runner-up in the competition was Mrs Jemma Phipps-Malone, 29, of Mount Garnet for her sculpture (below) entitled “Keith Urban in Headphones“.

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