Emotional time for feud followers

By Shirley Higgins-Croft.

The breathtakingly tender end to the feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, laid out in fast-food technicolor in the video clip for ‘You need to calm down, has ignited the intranet and caused some extreme reactions around the world.

The praise from popular culture icons could not have been warmer. Baby Spice tweeted ‘Girl-power’ and Oprah tweeted “Go girlfriends!” John Mayer posted a rare picture of himself from his ranch in Montana while Ariana Grande covered the song on her Sweet Dangerous Honeymoon Woman tour.

But, the final word must go to the Song Doctor, Eric Murray, who has played such a pivotal role in the artistic development of the two megastar songstresses.

“Look,” said Murray from his mansion in Biloela. “I catch up with them regularly and I honestly thought that this day would never come. They’ve been so bitter. And Taylor has low blood pressure and I’ve been so worried that Katy was eating too many carrots. It was my personal nightmare – remember, I was right by Susan’s side back in the Partridge days. Dark times. Orange times. So, for fuck’s sake, is that shredded carrot on her burger? I don’t know what Katy’s people were thinking. They need to get her off the gear. But conversely, all that Taylor has been crying out for is some carrot juice and some chicken salt. Perfect resolution for her. Great outcome overall.”

Mr Murray later tweeted a tribute to the two superstars that paraphrased one of his best known hits. The tweet (below) has had over 1.3 billion retweets in 24 hours.

Prop designer on the video-clip, Marita Highsmith, confirmed that there all carrot had been sandblasted from Katy’s burger on advice from her team of dieticians.

This morning, You need to calm down was number 12 with a bullet on the CrocFM Hottest Hits countdown.

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