Rondo to serve up Beer

By Shirley Higgins Croft.

The Rondo Theater has announced its spring program, which is headlined by B is for Beer, a jaunty farce taking the audience on a musical pub-crawl, starting from be-bop innocence, via doo-wop inebriation to brit-pop jubilation.

Rodney K Wright is producing the show, and again the great Alexei Finlayson will take the reigns as choregrapher, artistic director and script consultant. The director is Ricki-Lee Coulter.

The lead role of Gracie Perke, a wistful and playful young girl who just wants to dance, complain, pontificate, get nude and get drunk, is perfect for Miley Cyrus.

Unfortunately, Miley was not available. Dua Lipa and Mel Gibson both tuned down the role. Finally, when it seemed like the production was doomed, Tottie Goldsmith stepped up to take on what is regarded as one of musical theatre’s most challenging roles. It is sure to be the jewel in the crown of her illustrious career (since the Chantoozies).

The cast is filled out by Michael Caton as the bartender, Jack Thompson as the barfly, James Squires as the beer and Alex Papps as the crocodile. The score is supplemented with music by Sheppard and Amiel. Original librettist, Ben Lee, has been rumoured to be making a cameo vocal appearance, as The Annoying Voice Of Reason, a role he was born to play.

The show opens in early October. Tickets will be by auction, with a reserve price expected to be in the $10,000 range.

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