The True Colours of Trinity

By Shirley Higgins-Croft.

Nature put on a spectacular show at Trinity Beach today as a rainbow formed in the late afternoon sky above Earl Hill.

In the picture above, taken from Roberts Road near Reed Road, it is clear that the rainbow stretched from Yorkeys Knob to Trinity Beach and passed high above Trinity Park.

Professor of Physics and Celtic Studies at William Bligh University, Adjunct Professor Seamus Crichton, was contacted for insight into the natural phenomenon.

“The luminance differential between the inner and outer regions of the arc, as well as the presence of minor supernumerary features are typical for a tropical diffraction event,” he explained. “Not unusual for this to happen at all, but it’s less common now that most of the pokies in the region are run on electronic payments. Rainbows have nothing to hide. I’d postulate that it starts at the Yorkeys Boat Club and extends to the TB Tavern and that the gold coin machines in one or both might well be overdue for a jackpot. I’m planning to pop along to the Tavern tonight and drop a few lobsters.”

Police attended to one minor emergency associated with the rainbow event. A young woman in a Ford Fiesta attempted to drive beneath the arc of the rainbow and crashed into the Lust beauty salon on Flagship Drive, suffering minor injuries. The driver, Aimee Corrigan, 19, of Trinity Park, was treated at the scene with henna brow sculpting and eyelash extensions. She was later released under her own recognizance.

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