Happy OzVasion Day

By Murray Murchison. To all our unbelievable Plain Dealer readers, we’d like to wish you a very peaceful Australia Day, or a fermenting Invasion Day. Please choose your greeting and either enjoy some vegemite and saladas or placards and bubble-tea. At the Plain Dealer, we will support your position with hard-hitting editorial content seen withContinue reading “Happy OzVasion Day”

Vale Red Robbins, dead at 68

By Murray Murchison. Red Robbins, the larger-than-life personality who, for a quarter century, stood astride the Northern Beaches like the Colossus of Trinity Beach Road has passed away, aged 68. Tributes have flown in from Canberra, London, Townsville and Istanbul, and have been sent surface-mail from Oaxaca, Swakopmund and Rawlpindi. These heartfelt words have beenContinue reading “Vale Red Robbins, dead at 68”