Vale Red Robbins, dead at 68

By Murray Murchison.

Red Robbins, the larger-than-life personality who, for a quarter century, stood astride the Northern Beaches like the Colossus of Trinity Beach Road has passed away, aged 68.

Tributes have flown in from Canberra, London, Townsville and Istanbul, and have been sent surface-mail from Oaxaca, Swakopmund and Rawlpindi. These heartfelt words have been composed in different languages and utilising different pens, textas and crayons. Some have been etched with blood not easily spared. Regardless, the sentiment is the same. Heartbreak, loss, despair, fear. This is a man whose influence in the crocodile arts is unparalleled and he will be missed like no other.

Robbins has had a long career that stretched beyond managing the deadliest fauna and flora. He clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia in the 1980s and served on the UN Commission for Crocodiliacs from 1990-94. He is a household name in the UK from his appearances in the Granada ITV productions of The Jewel in the Croc, and Crocshead Revisited. Red has presided over more crocodile relocations, more crocodile reunions and more crocodile euthanasias than can be counted.

The Plain Dealer salutes him, honours and obeys him. Sadness is a drop on the corner of our eye that stings forever and tastes like the salty water from his crocodile smiles. Our obituary is reproduced below.

Henry (Red) Robbins, PhD, MCrocSc, BA, LLB, AssDipSpdr, GradDipSnake, CertIV (Hairdressing) Cert IV (Plumbing) of Trinity Beach, and formerly of Ryde, Innisfail, Islamabad, Palenque, Islington, Ankara, Washington DC and Choctaw Ridge.  Taken far too soon. He is mourned by his widow, Hope, his ex-wives Mariah, Britney, Susannah, Kyoko, Gretel and Guinevere; his children John, Paul, George, Ringo, Stuart, Pete; his grandchildren, Yoko, Linda, Barbara, Patty, Mick, Keith, Mama, Carol, Billy Joe, Cheeky, Cheeky, Kiki-Dee, Vika, Michael, Jerome, James, Simon, Garfunkel, Cat, Junior, Senior, Jimmy, Robert, Madonna, Adele, Billy, Joel, Elton, Mercury, Rafferty, Paul II, Kelly, Neil, Finn, Ben, Lee, Racee and Tin Tin. Aficionado of Indian food, Chablis and cigarillos. "Love is just a moment of giving. Dying is blessing us with the breath of your memory". Born 24 June 1952. Died 31 December 2021. Vale Red. Fare well great man.

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