Plain Dealer to close offices

By Murray Murchison. With the agreement of the Boney Corporation, and after much deliberation, management at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer have decided to close offices and cease reporting as of 15 March 2020. The decision has not been taken lightly. Our first responsibility is to our employees. As an example, although Heather Luck looksContinue reading “Plain Dealer to close offices”

Copeland demands an end to COVID-19

By Murray Murchison. Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has appeared on his syndicated television channel and has, on behalf of The Almighty, called for an end to Satan’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic and demanded a vaccination immediately. The address, reproduced below, has given a great deal of relief to North Queenslanders who have been very concernedContinue reading “Copeland demands an end to COVID-19”

Cold case on Almond Tree murderer

By Allan Povah Police have announced today that the Almond Tree killer investigation has been officially designated as a ‘cold-case’. This means that the investigation will now be handled by the Cold Case Investigation Team (CCIT), which consist of senior police, who have been coaxed from retirement with promises of bakery items to cast aContinue reading “Cold case on Almond Tree murderer”