Plain Dealer to close offices

By Murray Murchison.

With the agreement of the Boney Corporation, and after much deliberation, management at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer have decided to close offices and cease reporting as of 15 March 2020.

The decision has not been taken lightly. Our first responsibility is to our employees. As an example, although Heather Luck looks much more attractive in a mask, she has numerous co-morbidities and personality flaws that will only be exacerbated during this pestilent period. We need to look after her.

In any case, due to the nature of our on-the-spot, real-time reporting, it is just not feasible to continue until the COVID threat is assuaged. We will also be unable to respond to litigation at this time.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on my novel, and most days you can see Paolo, Allan and Shirley at the Coastwatchers LiquorLand. Destiny and Kimberley are freelancing for other publications; check out their work at the Innisfail Sentinel and The Atlantic. Edson can often be found at the Sunbird Bridge with Hae-Won.

To our 20 employees and free-loaders and our dozens of readers – see you on the other side! This is not the end of The Plain Dealer. We will continue bringing you the Fake News as soon as we can.

Murray Murchison, Vasey Avenue Trinity Beach. 11:55pm, 14 March 2020.

Published by murraymurchison

Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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