Surf’s up and the mushrooms are out

By Shirley Higgins-Croft.

Former tropical cyclone Imogen, having crossed to coast on the west side of the York Peninsula, has whipped up the surf on Trinity Beach (above) and delivered a good drop of rain.

As a result, lawn are lengthening, leather is mouldy and every surface is kissed by a sheen of moisture. These are the joys of the wet season.

Mushrooms have started to appear along the Trinity Beach esplanade, from Doug Trinder Gardens (below) to the base of The 100 steps and everywhere in between.

Mushies at the Trinder Gardens

Trinity Beach barbeque cleaner, Ivan Snow, has seen it all before. “Happens every wet season,” Ivan said as he scrubbed the barbeques near the swimming nets. “The mushies pop up like rainbows out of a unicorn’s arse. But they won’t last long. Every 14 year-old within skating distance has cabin fever now and is sick to death of Fortnite. Sooner or later one of them will have the brilliant idea to boil up some mushies and suck ’em down with some Canadian Club. So, any day now, hubcaps will be falling out of trees, I’ll be cleaning barbeque toad off the hotplates. and curlews will find themselves inconvenienced. Expect screeching.”

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that rain will ease in April.

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