Diogo meets Dustin

By Murray Murchison.

There was high tension in the Murchison household as the family’s new pet llama, Diogo (above left) met the family retainer Dustin (right).

It was a slightly awkward first meeting, but Diogo stood firm as Dustin moved around, sniffing at his new friend.

Diogo has moved into the Murchison abode in Parramatta Park to fill the beagle-sized void left by previous pet Prudence, who exited the family earlier in the year.

“Prudence was so funny,” explained Melissa, 9, as she lazed on the rumpus room bean-bag. “She barked all the time and she was a bit bitey. And she liked to do her poo-poos and wee-wees in Daddy’s shoes. We don’t know why. Anyway, she went for a holiday on the table-lands and hasn’t come back. Dad reckons that she’s having so much fun on the farm that she won’t ever come back again but she really misses us.”

Melissa has already formed a strong relationship with her new pet.

“Diogo is so funny”, she said. “He’s a bit doughy but I like that. Sometimes he licks my toes and then I discover that it is Mitchell pretending to be a licky llama. So ticklish!”

It is not known where Diogo does his poo-poos and wee-wees.

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