Livio Regano and Yasi: An oral history

By Allan Povah.

HipMoi Peace Prize winner, surfer and epicure, Livio Regano is loved by the nation and revered for his guesswork. On the ten-year anniversary of Yasi, this is the story, told by his colleagues and peers, of his time on network news, culminating in the worst meteorological crisis of our times.

Jessica Falwell (Associate Producer, 7 News): I remember the day he arrived. Newbys can take a while to bed-in, due to the demands of the green screen gesticulations, the intro and outro banter and the need to pretend to have the common touch. But Livio hit the ground running and he hasn’t stopped.

Livio Regano: My move to Network News went quite well.

Rob Brough (Anchor, 7 News): We were, like, jeez, this guy is amazing.

Alicia Konrads (Makeup artist, 7 News): He made my job so easy. Just a bit of bronzer and some eyebrow reconstruction. A dream. He’s a beautiful man.

Lincoln Humphries (Apprentice anchor, WIN News): What tha? Who dis?

Paul Taylor (Anchor/sports presenter, WIN News): I’d been considering a slide sideways to do the weather. I took one look at what he was doing and, like, whoa, I’m not competing with that. Fuck off. The guy is too smooth.

Vanessa O’Hanlon (ABC Weather Presenter): To be honest, the whole industry was immediately mesmerized by him. Everyone tuned in to watch his bulletins and it’s rumored that the BOM put in many last minute forecast changes – just to see how he would react. I think my own work suffered for a while, but I took it as a learning experience.

Alicia Konrads: His smile-creases never needed accentuating. His face just folded naturally into such a stunning landscape.

Bob Cattalano (Bureau of Meteorolgy Chief 2006-2012): Sure, the boys at the forecast desk used to play around with the input parameters, tweak the parameters and then tune-in to watch Liv turn it all into a perfect narrative arc. We served up a forecast of snow at Kowanyama one time. All within the range of likelihood and so fucking funny to watch Livio spin it.

Livio Regano: When I went up to the big leagues at Network 7, the weather got a bit changeable.

Bob Cattalano: He knew we were fucking with him, but he just didn’t care. That’s Livio, cool under pressure and no grudges.

Jenny Woodward (ABC Weather Presenter): You want to talk about Yasi? OK, let’s talk about Yasi.

Livio Regano: Yasi was the big one.

Vanessa O’Hanlon: It was the night of 2nd February 2011. I’ll never forget it.

Jane Bunn (Meteorologist, Channel 7): It was chaotic. But Livio led the way. He got us all together on a conference call.

Lavinia Nixon (News Presenter Channel 9): He didn’t mince his words. He said that we needed to forecast the fuck out of this thing.

Vanessa O’Hanlon: We were terrified. But we did what we had to do. We forecasted the fuck out of that bitch.

Bob Cattalano: You could hear a pin drop in the bureau. Then the projected tracking changed to the south.

Jane Bunn: Livio was straight onto it. He came up with some concise wording, sketched up some isobars and made sure everyone was bang on message. I’m not sure I believe in gesticulative determinism, but I think we made a difference.

Lavinia Nixon: I know we made a difference.

Jenny Woodward: The tracking changed slightly, but it was enough to miss Cairns. What a relief. Cardwell was fucked up though.

Lavinia Nixon: It was so emotional.

Lincoln Humphries: Oooh Yeeah!

Livio Regano: There were tears.

Alicia Konrads: The nose hair occasionally needed some decisive action.

Livio Regano: There were tears.

Garret L. Nancolas (Mayor of Cardwell): Come visit us. We have rebuilt. Cardwell is an extraordinary place to live and raise a family. We fucking hate Livio.

Mr Regano declined to be interviewed for this story. Quotations are taken from his 2013 autobiography: O Regano! and may not be in context. All rights reserved.

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