Trinity Beach is for Sale

By Allan Povah.

If you are lucky enough to pass by Far North Queensland. If you drive into Trinity Beach in the wet season, and have an inquisitive nature you might stop your car, wind down the window and begin to see a misty reality. If you have an ocular deficiency that requires you to use a corrective device, then the kiss of humidity may occlude your vision. But the truth is evident to all but the blind. Trinity Beach is for sale .

The proof is posted on Gum Tree, plastered on the entrance to Kari Place and can be seen on the length of Trinity Beach Road in rectangular pleas for commission by pretty agents of despair (above). There is a movement afoot, and the thudding sound of its thongs on green grass is receding away….away…away from this paradise.

Blame the Chinese, populism and climate change. Some would blame the cost of insurance and the commute times to the city. But wait, all is not lost.

It is the firm belief of the Plain Dealer*, and many of our sponsors, that successful investment is about going against the tide. There is a tide in the affairs of real estate. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

The message is clear: Buy! Buy! Buy!

*This story was sponsored by Platinum Realty and The Real Estate Agents of Palm Cove. Seek your own financial advice before making any large purchases. * The owners and management of the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer have no firm beliefs that are not for sale. Gamble Responsibly.

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Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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