Internet explodes over curlew death

By Kimberley Schloss.

Starting with a tweet by Kirriana wear a mask (above), the Twittersphere has been awash with grief, vitriol and indignation over the reported death of a curlew near a Trinity Beach barbecue yesterday afternoon.

As the evening wore on, more and more disturbing information came to light about the deceased bird, who came to be known as Cutie the Curlew. It appeared that Cutie had been attacked by a young woman using a cooking implement. This was reported in the tweet by Famous Girl 90 (below), which received over one million likes.

The above tweet triggered an avalanche of opprobrium for the alleged attacker, with calls for her arrest and torture. Curlew Kid 88 tweeted a demand that the death sentence be applied (below).

Other tweeters, like Ship 2 Sure (below) urged restraint.

Some were just after more information, such as Bernard01937382083 (below).

Subsequently the alleged offender, whilst appearing completely unhurt and cheerful, departed the scene in an ambulance. It is not known the reason for this, but it has caused some extreme reactions, such as calls for the dissolution of the ambulance service. Typical of the responses was that of Amber Sharks a Lot OPC (below).

Later in the evening Crimestoppers released a statement that the young woman had acted in self-defense and that no charges would be laid. A 24 year-old man remains in hospital, having been injured during the fracas.

Cutie the curlew will be farewelled in a ceremony at the YAPS ballroom in Smithfield on Friday at 3pm. All welcome.

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