New graffiti talent emerges

By Paolo Zupp.

Following the discovery of a suspected Banksy artwork in Trinity Beach over two years ago, there was some expectation that this would inspire local artists and lead to a revival of a time-honoured art-form.

Until now this has not eventuated. But, this morning Trinity Beach residents were delighted to find a selection of about a dozen new graffiti art pieces placed along a 100 meter stretch on the southern pavements of Trinity Beach Road.

Mr Jiggy Silver Riddick R Gunshot, President of the Cairns All-City King Krew (CaCKK) – the peak-body for graffiti practitioners in North Queensland – was contacted about the work, and was effusive in his praise.

“Man, that some throw-up toy,” said Mr Gunshot from the CaCKK head-office in Manunda. “That boy no rock and no way he get the dope hat. “He done us three cannon for a bomb on the paint-eater. Buff that shit.”

Head of Linguistics at William Bligh University, Professor Roland Sussex, was impressed with some of the nuance in the artwork (below) that was not immediately visible to the untrained eye. “Fuck thy dogs is an elegant variation on the rather more orthodox Fuck da police,” explained Professor Sussex. “It’s a lovely callback to old English and has a clear allusion to Hamlet and perrito sexo. The bi-colour embossing style is redolent of the original lithographists in Roman times. This is an artist to keep an eye on.”

In anticipation of a graffiti renaissance, Bunnings* Smithfield have announced 50% off all enamel based and Duramax spray paint. But lowest prices are just the beginning… they have also applied a 25% hike on paint remover.

*Bunnings Smithfield is a sponsor of the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer.

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