Blue Moon gone forever

By Murray Murchison.

Restaurants open and close in Trinity Beach. The swings and roundabouts of cyclones, climate change and pandemics combined with the see-sawing of capricious dining preferences, the laughing-clown social-media influencers and the house of mirrors of digital life add up to a fairground of despair.

We have seen them come and go. Atlantis, Maharajahs, TB Bar and Grill I, TB Bar and Grill II, Lemon Tree, Laze, Fratellis, and so many more. But this one hurts. The Blue Moon Bar and Grill was a go-to for the Plain Dealer editorial team. Whenever one of us beat the Cairns Post to a scoop. At Christmas. On birthdays. The night of the seven-tackle cowspiracy. That night in 2015 when JT and Hunt conspired in the conjuring of a miracle. And Yasi. Who could forget that windy night of Lamb Shanks, Kalimna and the threat of total annihilation?

So now all we have left are those memories. So much Rawson’s Retreat under the bridge. So much Lindy Fraise under the table. Surf and Turf . It doesn’t get better than this – modern Australian cuisine illuminated by golden tropical sunlight refracted over the MacAlister range. Vale Blue Moon.

We wish the owners and the staff the very best as they look for new opportunities. We hope that the vicissitudes of life and of debtors do not lead them down a dark path towards franchisery. Dream your dream and start again. Do not compromise.

To other restaurateurs in FNQ: For the love of Vishnu, could someone please, please consider putting an Indian restaurant on the Blue Moon corner. We can guarantee a staff meeting on-site with ample corkage at least once a week and regular takeaways. Spicy Bite – we’re looking at you! Namaste, fuckers.

Published by murraymurchison

Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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