Diogo mystery solved

A special report by cub reporter Mitchell Murchison.

We’ve finally solved the big question at home! Whose turn to do the wiping up? Answer: Always Melissa. Ha Ha just joking! Not joking.

No, really, we finally solved the mystery of where Diogo was doing his poo-poos. We looked everywhere. It’s been such a mystery and I thought Melissa was eating them (joke) but I was wrong.

So I did a stakeout! After soccer on Saturday (beat Edge Hill United 11-9) I lay under a beanbag near where Diogo likes to sleep. Anyway, I looked up from my Switch (Breath of the Wild – tops!!), and – hey presto – Diogo had pushed out some little grogans. Big moment. Then, before you could say “ploppy plop plop” Dustin showed up (see above pic) and scooped up up the poops with his little broom like a super-pooper-scooper. Dustin is the best!

PS. Melissa thinks Diogo is really a girl llama because he has a tiny dingdong and that we might be getting some baby llamas. She is so lame. I hope we get some baby llamas!

Yours fruitfully, Mitchell Murchison, 11 Harris Street, Parramatta Park, 4870, Queensland, Australia, Southern Hemisphere, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe.

Published by murraymurchison

Editor in Chief at the Trinity Beach Plain Dealer

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