Artists target Elite Performer

By Destiny Givens.

The iconic Coastwatchers bus-stop seat outside the Red Cross on Trinity Beach Road, which for many years has featured Real-Estate Agent, Mark Carmady (the Elite Performer), has again been the target of graffiti artists.

Overnight, the picture of Mr Carmady affixed to the eastern side of the seat was decorated with some classic graffitology, featuring a downward-inclined, extravagantly venous cock-and-balls. Along the arms and seating section, there were several additional c-and-b glyphs, an icon of the Blue Origin rocket, a back-door reference and a roughly rendered punisher symbol.

Secretary of the Trinity Beach Chamber of Commerce, Lou-Ann Durieux was impressed by the artwork, but not without some reservation.

“Everyone knows that I’m a free-speech fundamentalist,” said Mr Durieux from her offices on Moore Street. “I love to see these young artists expressing themselves. But my dealings over the years with Mr Carmady have shown him to be the most ethical and urbane fellow. I feel that it would be mostly inaccurate to represent him as a dickhead.”

Mr Jiggy Silver Riddick R Gunshot, President of the Cairns All-City King Krew (CaCKK) – the peak-body for graffiti practitioners in North Queensland – was contacted about the artwork, but declined to comment.

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