Man loves Dog

By Destiny Givens.

Fashion photographer and leather aficionado, Roger Taleeb (above), has appeared on the popular WIN Television reality show The Dog House and was excited to meet and fall in love with his dream pooch.

The Dog House is the top-rating rescue-animal show in the Far North. It’s format, of a team of knockabout dog-handlers who match unwanted orphan dogs to emotionally-needy wannabe dog-masters, has resonated with the local viewership and attracts a weekly audience of more than seven million streams.

Reportedly, Mr Taleeb presented the Dog House team with a tricky assignment.

“I had some very specific requirements,” he explained via Zoom from his bungalow in Bungalow. “I definitely wanted it to have a snout. Definitely. But no shitting, no barking, no molting and absolutely no licking. And I preferred it to be flightless. Better for everyone.”

These requirements presented a considerable challenge to the Dog House team, a situation duly exploited by the show’s producers, who styled Taleeb’s story into a narrative rainbow of seven episodes including cliff-hangers, a dog-wedding and a schmacko ceremony. After an exhaustive search*, the team finally cracked the brief when they introduced Mr Taleeb to his new forever-dog, Grogan (below).

“It’s like peaches and cream, a coach and a team,” exclaimed Taleeb. “A perfect match. I couldn’t be happier. And he’s got a huge set of lickable balls to boot. Up here, you really need a big set because of the humidity. And … he’s a Christian.”

Grogan, who is best known for his role as best-dog at the wedding of former first-dog Ringo (deceased – mange) to Dixie Marshmallow (deceased – put down), was the only animal to successfully complete the lack-of-flight test off the cliffs at Rex’s Lookout.

Dog House screens Tuesday evenings on WIN.

(*27 dogs were maimed in the creation of this story)

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