The Plain Dealer Team

Editor in Chief: Murray Murchison

Murray has worked at journals of record around the world, including the Dimbulah Sentinel and the New York Post. He aims to bring sober and unlitigable news to Cairns and the Northern Beaches.

Allan Povah: Senior Correspondent

Allan is a highly experienced journalist, best known for his work on Yasi and Larry. Special interests are politics, Mexico Relations. dog-catching and cat-herding.

Shirley Higgins Croft: Deputy Editor

Shirley is one of the highest-profile newswomen in the country and is well known for her Conversations series of interviews. Concentrates on entertainment, general interest stories and crocodiles.

Paolo Zupp: Correspondent

With experience as a catwalk model, a roughneck and as a dog-clipper, Paulo is uniquely qualified to bring insightful analysis to celebrity antics, offshore drilling and dog affairs. He is first to the scene of a motorcycle crash and the last to leave from the rave.

Destiny Givens: Correspondent

Former international netballer and champion stone-skipper, this Innisfail gal brings you that is worth knowng about sports, sportspersons and their molls.

Kimberley Schloss: Junior Correspondent

Kim is fresh out of journalism school and is learning fast. Look out for her special insights into the world of K-Pop and Y-Pop.

Heather Luck: Correspondent

Heather is the Plain Dealer’s page-filler. She picks up stories that no one else can be bothered with. Where others see minutiae and inconsequential guff, Heather sees a turd waiting to be polished. Walkely Award winner.

Emerson Bracewell: Special Correspondent

Based in Canberra, Emerson casts an experienced and cynical eye on the machinations of the Australian Government.

Guy Jannalli: Correspondent

New to the team, Guy focusses on Indigenous and extra-marital Affairs, Stockholm syndrome and alopecia. Plain Dealer bananagrams lineal champion.

Edson Yeung: IT and Media

Edson sets the Wifi SSID and shows Heather how to recover documents from the recycle bin. Writes the occasional tech story and responsible for coffee and bikkies. Dish-washing is outside his remit. Edson is working on his fear of spiders and other crawlers.

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