Livio Regano awarded HipMoi Peace Prize

By Heather Luck. The 9th annual Lions Club HipMoi Peace Prize has been awarded to popular weatherman, meteorologist and raconteur, Livio Regano. The somewhat lavish ceremony was held at the Cairns Hilton, and masterfully presided over by host John Burgess. The slightly rumpled storm-watcher was gracious in his acceptance of the award, acknowledging the originalContinue reading “Livio Regano awarded HipMoi Peace Prize”

HipMoi Peace Prize awarded to Rachel Frompatioworld

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The 8th annual Lions Club HipMoi Peace Prize has, for only the second time, been awarded to a female. Mrs Rachel Frompatioworld (above) has had successful careers as a public intellectual, socialite and database administrator, but is perhaps best known for her role as Babs, the promiscuous vicar’s wife in BBC’s Broadchurch.Continue reading “HipMoi Peace Prize awarded to Rachel Frompatioworld”

Anders and Drago to tie the knot

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Founder and CEO of the HipMoi organisation, Anton Anders (above) has announced his engagement to model and ninja-warrior, Ludmilla Drago. Ms Drago, former partner of Cowboys impact forward Gavin Cooper, is well known as the face of Chemist’s Warehouse, and for her recurring role on Real Estate Agents of Palm Cove. SinceContinue reading “Anders and Drago to tie the knot”

HipMoi Peace Prize awarded to Coen Hess

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The glitterati and twitterati were dressed up to the nines last night for the presentation of the Lions Club HipMoi Peace Prize to lumbering workaday prop-forward Coen Hess (above). The lavish evening has heralded the start of the Far North Queensland awards season, which will culminate with the FNQ Academy Awards in┬áthreeContinue reading “HipMoi Peace Prize awarded to Coen Hess”

HipMoi to close due northerly winds of unhipness

By Allan Povah The HipMoi Corporation have announced that they will be closing the doors on their Cairns offices in Abbot Street by the end of March. This will mean the loss from the Far North Queensland area of some ambient hipness and around seven jobs . According to acting HipMoi Regional Manager Rhys Staniwell-HarrisonContinue reading “HipMoi to close due northerly winds of unhipness”