Electric-blue lemurs arrive at Hartley’s Creek

By Heather Luck Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park has some exciting new residents. A prowl of jaguars has been shipped from Mexico as part of the CrocJag wildlife exchange, and a jolt of electric ants has just arrived up the highway from Smithfield. Most exciting of all, the park has acquired a mating pair of blue-eyedContinue reading “Electric-blue lemurs arrive at Hartley’s Creek”

Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Cairns Dance Ensemble’s production of Swan Lake opened at the Rondo Theatre last night to mixed reviews. The ambitious offering continued along the company’s recent artistic direction of ‘putting the oomph back into the classics’, and the result was not to everyone’s taste. Maud Jefferson, 72, of Edge Hill, was aghastContinue reading “Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake”

Costume thieves take flight

By Paulo Zupp The Rondo Theatre, home to the North Queensland Players and the Cairns Dance Ensemble, was broken into in the early hours of this morning. Head choreographer of the Dance Ensemble, Rodney K Wright (pictured above) has attributed the crime to youths, who have been frequenting the area lately. “Well, the Rondo isContinue reading “Costume thieves take flight”