Blue Moon gone forever

By Murray Murchison. Restaurants open and close in Trinity Beach. The swings and roundabouts of cyclones, climate change and pandemics combined with the see-sawing of capricious dining preferences, the laughing-clown social-media influencers and the house of mirrors of digital life add up to a fairground of despair. We have seen them come and go. Atlantis,Continue reading “Blue Moon gone forever”

Ploggers and shoggers to work together

By Heather Luck Following the outing of a Brisbane shogger (above) earlier in the week, the Plain Dealer has received a spate of tip-offs reporting similar activity around the city. President of the Cairns Ploggers, Dayne Youngberry, has confirmed suspicions that shogging, or taking a sneaky shit when on a jog, is an endemic problemContinue reading “Ploggers and shoggers to work together”

Blackboard artist apologises for cock drawing, blames Germans

Popular northern beaches blackboard artist, Jimmy “Chub” Locke has formally apologised for his artwork (above) which was displayed at the entrance to L’Unicos restaurant at Trinity Beach on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Mr Locke, who made the front page of the Cairns Post with his classic works “Stressed is backwards Desserts” and “Not Pilates;Continue reading “Blackboard artist apologises for cock drawing, blames Germans”

Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour

By Kimberley Schloss The one-man musical, Tribulation, has closed after a single part-performance at the Rondo Theatre last night. The much anticipated production which was¬†written, directed and performed by healthcare-worker and fashion blogger Jamie Tingley of Brinsmead, aimed to tell the true story of closet homosexual, tap-dancer¬†and purveyor of cos-play, Captain James Cook. After aContinue reading “Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour”