Artists target Elite Performer

By Destiny Givens. The iconic Coastwatchers bus-stop seat outside the Red Cross on Trinity Beach Road, which for many years has featured Real-Estate Agent, Mark Carmady (the Elite Performer), has again been the target of graffiti artists. Overnight, the picture of Mr Carmady affixed to the eastern side of the seat was decorated with someContinue reading “Artists target Elite Performer”

Iconic graffiti accompanies our FREEDOM towards oblivion

By Edson Yeung. Trinity Beach’s famous COVID=HOAX graffiti sign (above) has slowly been obliterated by a year of tropical heat and rain. Once resplendently carrying a snowy white message of defiance to those stupid doctors and scientists who can’t seem to apply a little common sense, it is now a shadow of its former self.Continue reading “Iconic graffiti accompanies our FREEDOM towards oblivion”

Sausage King closes its doors

By Murray Murchison. In a blow to non-vegetarians and animal-haters of the Northern Beaches, award winning emporium of the sausage arts, Trinity Beach Quality Meats, has closed its coldroom, sheathed its cleavers and relocated to Smithfield this week. When approached by the Plain Dealer, Alvin Sarczek, President of the Trinity Beach Chamber of Commerce wasContinue reading “Sausage King closes its doors”

Offensive signage removed from Coastwatchers bus stop

By Kimberley Schloss Trinity Beach locals were pleased today to see that Council has acted quickly in removing advertising signage on the bus stop seat (above) near Coastwatchers Park. The advertising had contained a promotional picture of popular real estate agent Mark “The Elite Performer” Carmady. Sometime in the last week, Mr Carmady’s portrait hadContinue reading “Offensive signage removed from Coastwatchers bus stop”

L’Unicos apologises for ATOMS slur

By Paolo Zupp L’Unicos management have apologised profusely for an alleged snub arising from blackboard artwork (above) that was displayed outside the Trinity Beach restaurant yesterday. The slogan, intentionally or otherwise, clearly impugns the honesty of members of the Atherton Tablelands Organisation for Meteor Survivors (ATOMS). Ms Michelle Yeo, ATOMS Vice-President, Arms and Shoulders division,Continue reading “L’Unicos apologises for ATOMS slur”