April 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Japanese lady new in town, looking for gentlemen to take me up the range and down the gorge. Smooth back please. Send photo and financials to @Kiko_dcup Wanted Wanted: Taipan catcher wanted for sunflower de-snaking. Prefer single man, tall and fit. No bogans. @shelly_freshwater. Wanted: Experienced cricket player with solid forward defenceContinue reading “April 2018 Classifieds”

Blackboard artist apologises for cock drawing, blames Germans

Popular northern beaches blackboard artist, Jimmy “Chub” Locke has formally apologised for his artwork (above) which was displayed at the entrance to L’Unicos restaurant at Trinity Beach on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. Mr Locke, who made the front page of the Cairns Post with his classic works “Stressed is backwards Desserts” and “Not Pilates;Continue reading “Blackboard artist apologises for cock drawing, blames Germans”