Boomtime for North Queensland

The North Queensland government is croc-a-hoop with new figures that show economic growth is faster than Australia and all of the G7 nations. The annualised and seasonally adjusted GDP growth figures to January 2018 for North Queensland are 3.99%, well above Australia (2.3%) and the US (1.9%). “Sales of crocodile skins have been brisk andContinue reading “Boomtime for North Queensland”

Sources: Jaguar attacks Ringo

By Murray Murchison There are grave concerns within the intelligence community that the recent wildlife exchange between the Mexico and North Queensland governments could lead to significant security concerns. The so-called CrocJag Initiative was intended to promote bipartisan trade and wildlife agreements, but instead may have exposed the inner workings of the NQ government toContinue reading “Sources: Jaguar attacks Ringo”

Electric-blue lemurs arrive at Hartley’s Creek

By Heather Luck Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure Park has some exciting new residents. A prowl of jaguars has been shipped from Mexico as part of the CrocJag wildlife exchange, and a jolt of electric ants has just arrived up the highway from Smithfield. Most exciting of all, the park has acquired a mating pair of blue-eyedContinue reading “Electric-blue lemurs arrive at Hartley’s Creek”

Condoms for Canines

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The recent relationship between Mexico and FNQ has been rocky. Police are still investigating who was responsible for placing several FlexMonterrey electronic listening devices which were discovered in council chambers in November 2016. Additionally, Opposition Councillors have alleged that there is at least one Mexican mole embedded at a high level inContinue reading “Condoms for Canines”

Mexican delegation arrives: crocs for jaguars exchange imminent

By Murray Murchison A Mexican delegation has arrived in Cairns to participate in bi-lateral talks with local dignitaries. The meetings are hoped to sooth some of the tensions between Mexico and Far North Queensland, and remove obstacles to trade and wildlife exchanges. The delegation is headed by the mayor of Durango, Hilario Ramírez Villanueva (above).Continue reading “Mexican delegation arrives: crocs for jaguars exchange imminent”