Vice chancellor calls for charges to be laid for croc attack

By Allan Povah. The Vice-Chancellor of William Bligh University has called for charges to be laid against a man who allegedly attacked a crocodile in Lake Placid yesterday. Adjunct Emeritus Professor Christopher has described the attack as “unprovoked and deeply crockist.” “Zachary was simply enjoying a pleasant wallow in the lake,” claimed Christopher from theContinue reading “Vice chancellor calls for charges to be laid for croc attack”

Vale Red Robbins, dead at 68

By Murray Murchison. Red Robbins, the larger-than-life personality who, for a quarter century, stood astride the Northern Beaches like the Colossus of Trinity Beach Road has passed away, aged 68. Tributes have flown in from Canberra, London, Townsville and Istanbul, and have been sent surface-mail from Oaxaca, Swakopmund and Rawlpindi. These heartfelt words have beenContinue reading “Vale Red Robbins, dead at 68”

Mexicans do Alligator business

By Murray Murchison. We might think we have a crocodiliac problem in North Queensland, but consider the plight of residents in central Mexico, where more than 10,000 residents have lost their lives to suspected alligator attack in the last two years. Last Tuesday, Tamaulipas resident Vanesa Sánchez heard her dogs barking and went outside toContinue reading “Mexicans do Alligator business”

Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion

By Heather Luck. Management at the Double-Tree Hotel on the Esplanade have had to undertake a complete sanitation and remodelling of their gentlemen’s toilets due to some unfortunately worded signs (above) on the urinals throughout the building. The signs were intended to provide guidance for guests, particularly those from China, who may not be familiarContinue reading “Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion”

A conversation with Jungkook

Part of the Conversations series, with Shirley Higgins-Croft. Jeon Jung-kook, better known as Jungkook, is a singer, dancer, model and entrepreneur, and is the third most popular member of K-Pop super-group BTS. As part of contractual obligations for the upcoming tour of North Queensland and Australia, the Bangtan boy agreed to sit down with meContinue reading “A conversation with Jungkook”

Fete season opens at Freshie

By Murray Murchison The Fete season got underway with a bang on Saturday, with the Freshwater State School putting on a splendid show. All the usual attractions were there, including a cent-sale, cake-stall, trash-n-treasure and a fucking massive blow-up crocodile. Plain Dealer cub reporter, Melissa Murchison, declared it to be the “best fete ever.” “IContinue reading “Fete season opens at Freshie”

Man attacks croc, could get twenty years

By Allan Povah A man, who police say was “operating in a solo snorkelling activity” off Watson Creek Inlet on Lizard Island (above), has been remanded into custody for allegedly attacking a crocodile with his head. According to onlookers, the man “repeatedly head-butted the animal” who appeared “traumatised and upset by the incident” and “inconveniencedContinue reading “Man attacks croc, could get twenty years”

Blue Lagoon remake to be filmed on Trinity Beach

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Trinity Beach residents are excited by the news that a reboot of the 1980 classic film, Blue Lagoon, will be filmed at the southern end of the pretty tropical cove. The news came out during an after-party at Fusion wine-bar on Friday Night. Visionary director of World Safari and World Safari 6,Continue reading “Blue Lagoon remake to be filmed on Trinity Beach”