Taylor slides sideways to sport

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Management at Win News has confirmed that veteran newscaster and champion rope-man, Paul Taylor, has been reassigned from his longtime role as anchorman for the network’s main evening bulletin. Taylor is a doyen of the profession, and won a record five consecutive North Queensland Newscasters Awards for “Best Squint” in addition toContinue reading “Taylor slides sideways to sport”

Beatriz threatens the isthmus

By Allan Povah Residents of eastern Mexico are bracing this evening as category 9 tropical storm Beatriz bears down on the vulnerable isthmus. Producers of rambutans and bananas in far North Queensland are unapologetically hopeful that the storm will wipe out competing crops in the Mexican food-bowl, which could result in fruit shortages and on-marketContinue reading “Beatriz threatens the isthmus”

Gator cop talks to croc cop

By Paolo Zupp Gus LeCras, a member of the crack Bayou Gator Response Team in Louisiana has today paid a visit to the Northern Beaches Bureau of the North Queensland Crocodile Commission in Holloways Beach. Officer LeCras, who is holidaying in Cairns, decided to drop in to meet some of his counterparts and he quicklyContinue reading “Gator cop talks to croc cop”