May 2019 Classifieds

Wanted Looking for travel buddy to go to North Korea and Yemen with BLT in October. Must be up for anything, even gaejang-guk and extradition. Prefer busty Swedish type. Full disclosure: I can get a bit handsy on a bellyful of Pyongyang Pilsner. No offence taken tho. @wayne_jones Wanted: Large mockup of Eiffel Tower. WillContinue reading “May 2019 Classifieds”

Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion

By Heather Luck. Management at the Double-Tree Hotel on the Esplanade have had to undertake a complete sanitation and remodelling of their gentlemen’s toilets due to some unfortunately worded signs (above) on the urinals throughout the building. The signs were intended to provide guidance for guests, particularly those from China, who may not be familiarContinue reading “Remodelling at Double-Tree Hotel nears completion”