Murchison returns from Mexico: chimichangas were disappointing

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Plain Dealer’s Editor in Chief, Murray Murchison has returned from assignment in North America and has talked about his disappointment with being unable to provide regular reports from Mexico. “The problem is that I’m with Vodaphone,” said Murchison from quarantine in Parramatta Park. “I only seem to be able to getContinue reading “Murchison returns from Mexico: chimichangas were disappointing”

‘El Chapo’ in big apple, ‘Big’ Tom angry bigly

By Paulo Zupp North Queensland-Mexico relations have reached a new low with the decision to extradite ‘El Chapo’ (Short-arse) Guzmán to the United States. The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions had sought to have Guzmán stand trial in Mareeba to face charges of drug trafficking and extortion. Mareeba mayor, ‘Big’ Tom Gilmore wasContinue reading “‘El Chapo’ in big apple, ‘Big’ Tom angry bigly”

Revolución plástica Mexicana

By Heather Luck Two engineering students from central Mexico, Esbeydhy Oyuky Yescas and Marlen Hernández (pictured), have developed a bio-polymer which promises to revolutionize the use of plastic in North Queensland. Editor in chief, Murray Murchison reports that the technology could have a positive impact on the growing eyesore that is Freshwater Creek. He metContinue reading “Revolución plástica Mexicana”