Arrests made: Flock finally finished?

By Allan Povah Three youths (pictured above in the Machans divvy van) have been arrested by police in connection with a spate of incidents over the Cairns area over the last few months. The young men, who can’t be named as they are under-age, are expected to be charged with various criminal offences, including breakingContinue reading “Arrests made: Flock finally finished?”

Cassowary steals cookie

By Kimberley Schloss Police are seeking witnesses who may have been in the vicinity of the Subway outlet at North Cairns (above) last night for help in their investigations into a feathery flock of sandwich thieves who have been operating in the area. It has been alleged by part-time sandwich artist Tea Gundersen, 19, of Mooroobool,Continue reading “Cassowary steals cookie”

Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Cairns Dance Ensemble’s production of Swan Lake opened at the Rondo Theatre last night to mixed reviews. The ambitious offering continued along the company’s recent artistic direction of ‘putting the oomph back into the classics’, and the result was not to everyone’s taste. Maud Jefferson, 72, of Edge Hill, was aghastContinue reading “Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake”

Iconic termite mound desecrated

By Allan Povah Police have asked for any information the public might have on what they described as a desecration of “Mister Big Boy”, an iconic termite mound east of Speewah. According to Senior Sergeant Cameron Gibbons of Mareeba Police,  the popular monument is estimated to have been vandalized within the last three days byContinue reading “Iconic termite mound desecrated”

Feathery friends find inner peace

By Destiny Givens Premier yoghini at the Clifton Yoga and Oneness Centre,  Sajaan Saroop Jenkins (pictured above), has described a special moment during this morning’s Satyananda class. at Palm Cove. “We were just setting up for some downward-dogs,” Sajaan Saroop explained, “when someone at the back let rip a massive fart. This isn’t uncommon, butContinue reading “Feathery friends find inner peace”

Chippie has close encounter with cassowary

By Destiny Givens Woree carpenter, Wes Matterson, 23, has had an uncomfortable experience whilst walking on the blue arrow track at Aeroglen. Matterson was with his girlfriend, Elise Duggan when they encountered an adult cassowary. The bird was reportedly to be over six feet tall and extremely aggressive. “Elise just legged it, she was outContinue reading “Chippie has close encounter with cassowary”

Costume thieves take flight

By Paulo Zupp The Rondo Theatre, home to the North Queensland Players and the Cairns Dance Ensemble, was broken into in the early hours of this morning. Head choreographer of the Dance Ensemble, Rodney K Wright (pictured above) has attributed the crime to youths, who have been frequenting the area lately. “Well, the Rondo isContinue reading “Costume thieves take flight”