September 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love I’m heading in the right direction for your loving and affection. Call me, Punchy! Wanted Wanted: some kind of solution to the ant problem in my apartment in Clifton Beach. I’m at my wit’s end. I’ve tried talcum powder and Mr Sheen. Those little fuckers can’t be negotiated with. I’m not violent.Continue reading “September 2018 Classifieds”

Bald men strike back

By Allan Povah Andrew Fitzgibbon (above), the president of the Far North Queensland Baldness Action League (FNQBAL), has called on lawmakers and community leaders to raise awareness about discrimination against bald persons and persons that identify as bald. In an address to the Manunda Chamber of Commerce last night, Mr Fitzgibbon claimed that addressing baldContinue reading “Bald men strike back”