Polygamy dating site to be launched in North Queensland

By Heather Luck AyoPoligami, the Indonesian dating App for polygamists is set to be launched in North Queensland in November. Demographers have reported that the use of AyoPoligami has been hugely popular in areas of West Java and Banten where dating and marriage norms have been shaken up by a range of cultural and religiousContinue reading “Polygamy dating site to be launched in North Queensland”

Heartbreak and divorce a stones-throw away for pigeon-fancier wives

By Allan Povah The BBC has reported that addiction to pigeon racing is causing widespread marital problems and a plummeting birthrate on the island of Java in Indonesia. According to the BBC coverage, Javanese men are becoming obsessed with their feathery charges, to the almost complete exclusion of their financial and marital obligations. Dr VishwaContinue reading “Heartbreak and divorce a stones-throw away for pigeon-fancier wives”

Shier: Widodo looks like a goat

By Allan Povah, on assignment in Jakarta Indonesian President Joko Widodo appeared today at a pencak silat martial arts tournament in east Jakarta. In front of a roaring crowd that at times made the president’s accented English difficult to hear, Widodo made some bold proclamations. “Many people have called me acrobatic, but do I haveContinue reading “Shier: Widodo looks like a goat”