Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour

By Kimberley Schloss The one-man musical, Tribulation, has closed after a single part-performance at the Rondo Theatre last night. The much anticipated production which was¬†written, directed and performed by healthcare-worker and fashion blogger Jamie Tingley of Brinsmead, aimed to tell the true story of closet homosexual, tap-dancer¬†and purveyor of cos-play, Captain James Cook. After aContinue reading “Tribulation crashes on lack of endeavour”

James Cook returns to FNQ, and this time he’s fabulous

By Heather Luck You might not believe your eyes, but don’t be surprised if you happen to see Captain James Cook flouncing around the streets of Cairns over the next few months. And he’s not Nazi-saluting the Tradies Bar! Healthcare worker and fashion blogger, Jamie Tingley, 28, of Brinsmead (above), has announced that he intendsContinue reading “James Cook returns to FNQ, and this time he’s fabulous”