Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Cairns Dance Ensemble’s production of Swan Lake opened at the Rondo Theatre last night to mixed reviews. The ambitious offering continued along the company’s recent artistic direction of ‘putting the oomph back into the classics’, and the result was not to everyone’s taste. Maud Jefferson, 72, of Edge Hill, was aghastContinue reading “Parrot gets lucky at Swan Lake”

Belgian Bomber tunes up on the Espy

By Paolo Zupp The Cairns Esplanade was closed last night to allow filming of the the hugely successful UltraTune ‘Unexpected Situations‘ series. Extra security was required because movie superstar, Jean Claude Van Damme, pictured above outside Villa Romana on the Esplanade, was appearing in the latest installment. “Jean Claude really brings something to the series,”Continue reading “Belgian Bomber tunes up on the Espy”