Michaelia Frost takes her father to court

By Kimberley Schloss Michaelia Frost, 37, of Freshwater is suing Ken Frost Homes Pty Ltd for royalties, back-pay and emotional trauma arising from her appearance in advertisements for the company over a 29 year period. The matter is being heard by Justice Reginald Houghton in Cairns District Court and pits Michaelia against her father, Ken,Continue reading “Michaelia Frost takes her father to court”

Keith rocks the Railway

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Logan city superstar, Keith Urban, rocked the Railway Hotel last night on his Don’t Look So Surprised world tour in front of a crowd of eighty-one fans. The evening began with two support acts that were received warmly by the crowd. Kuranda artist, Dayne Guzman Caine, performed cuts from his Grammy nominated album CrocdilesContinue reading “Keith rocks the Railway”

WBU academics claim to have a cure for GAS

By Paolo Zupp William Bligh University academics have announced that they have developed a treatment for the insidious syndrome that has dogged musicians since the dawn of rock ‘n roll. GAS – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome (more recently generalised to Gear Acquisition Syndrome and also known as Perceived Guitar Personality Disorder) is the debilitating condition inContinue reading “WBU academics claim to have a cure for GAS”