An Open Letter from the Editor in Chief

By Murray Murchison Dear Plain Dealer Readers I’m writing to you in response to mounting criticism that I and the TBPD have received over the judging of our recent limerick competition. As many of you will know, the prize was awarded to my son, Mitchell, who subsequently traded it to me in return for anContinue reading “An Open Letter from the Editor in Chief”

Murchison returns from Mexico: chimichangas were disappointing

By Shirley Higgins-Croft The Plain Dealer’s Editor in Chief, Murray Murchison has returned from assignment in North America and has talked about his disappointment with being unable to provide regular reports from Mexico. “The problem is that I’m with Vodaphone,” said Murchison from quarantine in Parramatta Park. “I only seem to be able to getContinue reading “Murchison returns from Mexico: chimichangas were disappointing”

Explosive revelations from Karl

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Karl Stefanovic (pictured) has responded to mounting pressure to pass his learned eye over the controversial Plain Dealer limerick competition. The contest required budding poets to wedge the word ‘Mexico’ and ‘avocado’ into a five-line tome. The nominated winner, Mitchell Murchison, of Parramatta Park was awarded the first prize of a trip forContinue reading “Explosive revelations from Karl”

‘Two-Bob’ calls for Stefanovic to adjudicate limerick contest, rules out Royal Commission

By Shirley Higgins-Croft Cairns Regional Council Divison 2 representative and part-time poet, John ‘Two-Bob’ Schilling (pictured above), has weighed into the recent controversy associated with the recent Trinity Beach Plain Dealer’s limerick competition. Entrants were required to fit the words ‘Mexico’ and ‘avocado’ within the strict limerick format. Councillor Schilling has declared that he couldContinue reading “‘Two-Bob’ calls for Stefanovic to adjudicate limerick contest, rules out Royal Commission”

Oh mercy; limerick controversy

By Allan Povah The recent limerick competition run by the Plain Dealer has been struck with controversy with claims of nepotism and poetic dishonesty. The competition, which required the use of the words ‘avocado’ and ‘Mexico’ attracted more than a thousand entries and had a first prize of a trip for two to Mexico. KeithContinue reading “Oh mercy; limerick controversy”

Mitchell’s a grinner!

By Allan Povah The Plain Dealer limerick competition has been judged, and the winner is Mitchell Murchison (above), of Parramatta Park. We tracked young Mitchell down as he prepared to take the soccer field for the Mother of Good Counsel Eagles. When told of his win, Mitchell said that he was “stoked”. “I didn’t think itContinue reading “Mitchell’s a grinner!”