Cowboys fail to resolve teamwork issues: Tate allegedly shot by players

By Destiny Givens Following a string of five losses, a clinical coaching performance by Paul Green initially halted the Cowboys’ slump with a rousing and mistake-strewn win against the drug-addled Titans. It has been reported that Green had sequestered the entire Cowboys playing group in the CowHouse for some intense work-shopping following the loss toContinue reading “Cowboys fail to resolve teamwork issues: Tate allegedly shot by players”

Tate Award goes to the Wolf-knee

By Destiny Givens Reports have emerged from Cowboys House of a lavish gala function that followed the team’s win against the deplorable Warriors on Saturday night. The exclusive soiree, held in the main ballroom of the CowHouse, was to present the annual Tate Award, for the best player afield in the North-Queensland v Auckland match. Sources haveContinue reading “Tate Award goes to the Wolf-knee”

Bowen sidesteps thru Homeland Security

By Destiny Givens On arrival in Dallas Fort Worth International Airport today, three-time FNQOTY Matty Bowen (above) was taken aside by immigration officials and grilled over his religious and political views. “Luckily I speak a bit of Arabic, so I was able to convince Akmed and Corey that I have no Islamist tendencies,” said Bowen.Continue reading “Bowen sidesteps thru Homeland Security”

Three cheers for the champions from up here!

By Allan Povah The tropical north enjoyed perfect weather, as usual, for Far North Queensland Day yesterday. Locals got up to their usual tricks; barbecues with friends, sucking on mangoes and pig shooting were popular activities. “It’s great up here in summer at the best of times,” said Maybelle Shaunessy of White Rock. “It’s eitherContinue reading “Three cheers for the champions from up here!”