August 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love Robbie. You know me already , so no need for the making myself known bullshit. You owe me $125 and a Coles giftcard. No, you’re not getting the ping pong table. @seriouslywhat Wanted Wanted: Peach airlines stewardess outfit (size 16 or above) for roleplay of beverage service and mile-high simulations. @flygirl_trudy ChineseContinue reading “August 2018 Classifieds”

Peach opens route to Kiohsiung

By Heather Luck. Peach Air have launched a new service from Mareeba to Kiohsiung, a picturesque tourist hot-spot on the southern tip of Taiwan. Onwards connections take travellers to Fukuoka, Narita and Sapporo. Led by Captain Kyo Guk, the crew of flight 347 (above) were seen striding through Mareeba International Airport on their way toContinue reading “Peach opens route to Kiohsiung”

Nail clipping to be allowed on Air Macau

By Heather Luck Air Macau has clarified their in-flight hygiene policy and announced that all passengers would be allowed to clip their nails on international flights. This was in response to the uproar that arose after a man (above) was spotted committing manicure on a flight from Macau to Mareeba. Passenger Margaret Thorogood photographed theContinue reading “Nail clipping to be allowed on Air Macau”

Boomtime for North Queensland

The North Queensland government is croc-a-hoop with new figures that show economic growth is faster than Australia and all of the G7 nations. The annualised and seasonally adjusted GDP growth figures to January 2018 for North Queensland are 3.99%, well above Australia (2.3%) and the US (1.9%). “Sales of crocodile skins have been brisk andContinue reading “Boomtime for North Queensland”

Locals flock to Guam to watch the show

By Heather Luck North Queenslanders are escaping the bitter Cairns winter in droves to visit the tiny nation of Guam, the US territory in Micronesia. The Guam/Cairns route was a money-spinner in the 1990 and 2000s, with Air Micronesia, a subsidiary of Continental Airlines, flying twice-daily services. Following the GFC and the attendant weakness inContinue reading “Locals flock to Guam to watch the show”

Manning to tackle Asian girls on bikes

By Shirley Higgins-Croft. Cairns mayor, Bob Manning, returned today from a month long information-gathering visit to Tokyo and Hokkaido. Whilst there, he entered into bilateral talks with local dignitaries and triads in an effort to explore trade and tourism opportunities between Far North Queensland and Japan. He also served as official taster at the BelgianContinue reading “Manning to tackle Asian girls on bikes”

Never smile at a hijabi: Rob the Croc stares down Islamism

By Allan Povah Central Queensland celebrity croc, ‘Rob the Croc’ (pictured above) has taken up a career development opportunity in a water leisure park in Turkey. It is unclear as to what transfer fee was involved in prising the venerable reptile from his tenured position at the Koorana Crocodile Farm in Rockhampton, but it is thoughtContinue reading “Never smile at a hijabi: Rob the Croc stares down Islamism”