July 2018 Classifieds

Looking For Love To my sweet love, make yourself known. You know who you are. I have been waiting so long for you. I’ve taken a bath. @robbie_bloom Wanted Wanted: Effective representation (Saul or similar) for plea bargain. Will swap for silk tie (stripes) in return for a slap over the wrist or ankle bracelet.Continue reading “July 2018 Classifieds”

Nail clipping to be allowed on Air Macau

By Heather Luck Air Macau has clarified their in-flight hygiene policy and announced that all passengers would be allowed to clip their nails on international flights. This was in response to the uproar that arose after a man (above) was spotted committing manicure on a flight from Macau to Mareeba. Passenger Margaret Thorogood photographed theContinue reading “Nail clipping to be allowed on Air Macau”